“This is a very special album for me. It mirrors my soul in a time of conceptual, technical and structural imperfection. These mistakes generated a deeper way of considering my music as a whole. I would like to share this magic it beholds with you, hoping you will enjoy it as much as I do”.

  1. This Journey3:21
  2. Imperfections4:56
  3. La Route Blanche4:24
  4. A Little Bit of Hope4:06
  5. Supernova4:12
  6. Django3:54
  7. Who Wants To Live Forever (Queen)4:34
  8. Mirrors (feat. Maneli Jamal)4:21
  9. ClusterMood1:27

Una seconda prova importante che conferma il talento di Fiamma. Un variopinto ventaglio di emozioni.L'Isola che non c'era

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Release Date : 15 Dicembre 2017
Artist : Antonello Fiamma
Catalog ref. : AFAF002
Format : CD