“What is the round path? How can we live the experience of coming back and the never-changing events, despite the evolution of feelings, love, friendships, hopes and projects? My notes are an effort to show the round path of life. The music tries to reproduce that moving forward includes going backward to past events which are mutually recreated in the present or future experience of life. And yet the words turn out to be inadequate… So let the music play!”

  1. The Round Path4:24
  2. Go.4.it3:10
  3. Luci al tramonto5:04
  4. Walking in Rome2:58
  5. Abbracciamo5:02
  6. Home Sweet Home3:31
  7. From the Beginning (feat. BoostDaBeat)4:48
  8. The Round Path, Pt. 23:01

Per essere il disco d’esordio, “buona la prima”, non c’è che dire.Fingerpicking.net

Fiamma padroneggia lo strumento con una solida capacità di farne ciò che crede, piegandola al suo volere.Scuola Filosofica

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The Round Path

Release Date : 2 Novembre 2014
Artist : Antonello Fiamma
Catalog ref. : AFAF001
Format : CD